Endurance Racing

Endurance Racing

ChumpCar Racing with Skidmark

The Quest for Endurance

In 2010 PerrNEW_RMHC_LOGO_Colory was approached by a friend, Robert Kim, who wanted to put together an endurance racing efforChumpCar logot to raise money and awareness for Ronald McDonald House Charities.  The idea was to campaign a car in the ChumpCar World Series with RMHC logos while soliciting money on a per-lap basis.  The idea was intriguing enough but the worthy cause sealed the deal.  Bob Kim mentioned that they already had a car (1986 BMW 325e) and a team consisting of 5 people but no race experience and little to no track experience.  Perry said that he first wanted to meet the car and then the team.  The car, ultimately and affectionately named Oliver, turned out to be a perfect starting point with which to build an endurance car – a 1986 BMW 325e with 150,000 miles.  It had been disassembled by the previous owner who decided to donate the car to the effort.  The team was not as strong a starting point but a few people were removed and a few added and all committed to gaining on-track experience and helping with the car preparation.  The first event was the grueling 24-hours at VIR in August, only 4 months away!

The car was gutted, a roll cage was installed, and the car was reassembled but with new bearings, seals, ball joints, bushings, shocSONY DSCks, brake lines, brake rotors, brake pads, wheels, tires, …  Well, you get the idea.  In the end, the car was prepared to Skidmark Racing’s high standards for preparation and aesthetics.  In just 4 short months, Oliver was track ready for a 24-hour endurance race!  The final touches were added by Robert Kim and consisted of hand-print decals representing the children who stayed in Ronald McDonald houses.  A beautiful tribute which gave Oliver a fun personality.

There were 7 drivers at this event and a decision was made to ensure equal seat time rather than drive hard for the win.  Several of the team members were associated with McDonalds and so, accordingly, Ronald McDonald threw the checkered flag and we were off with a starting position of 84!  Oliver turned out to be reliable and predictable, and, ultimately, we finished a respectable 17th.IMG_0486